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It seems to us that most people can’t draw a conclusion from the discussion about whether hot or cold water is the best to wash your face with. Some argue that cold water will tighten your skin and reduce puffiness, while others say that hot water opens your pores and serves as an effective exfoliator. But honestly none of this has been scientifically proven.

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The truth is neither cold nor hot water is a professionally sound answer. You facial skin is more sensitive compared to other parts of your body, that’s why you need to be treat it with extra care. According to dermatologists, washing face with extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum will only cause more irritation to your face as the extreme temperature can cause damage to your face’s natural oils. Hot water and temperatures will dilate blood vessels and capillaries which can leave skin red and in aggravate conditions like rosacea. The result can be permanent as the heat can leads to broken and dilated vessels.


The best way is to find your own preference of temperature for your skin type. Normally, going with a lukewarm temperature is anyone’s safe bet, since most people’s body temperatures help the skin on the face react better with a warm medium.

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Besides finding the best water temperature that suits you, the right cleansers and a solid moisturizer will bring you to the point where your skin will glow. The secret to achieving radiant skin might be as simple as changing the way you wash your face. Remember, take good care of your skin and it will take care of you!



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