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Picking a night cream can be particularly tricky if you have shiny, acne prone skin. It’s vital to select a night cream that suits your specific skin type. If it is too oily or heavy, it might cause pores to clog and serious acne breakouts. So, what should you look out for in a night cream for oily skin? Let’s keep reading and find out.

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#1 Oil-free, water-based formula

Stay away from traditional rich formulas that can feel too heavy on oily skin and cause pores to clog and skin to shine. Go for an oil-free formula with a lighter and easily absorbed texture. Slathering on a springy gel-cream for quenching oily skin is indeed a good option as it feels cool to the touch and melts away in seconds. That means there is no greasy residue left behind that will stain your pillowcase.

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#2 Oil-fighting ingredients

Look out for oil-fighting ingredients when shopping for a night cream, such as aloe vera, green tea, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol. These ingredients can help reduce excessive sebum and keep pores tighter, so they emit less oil. What ingredients to avoid then? Mineral oil and petroleum, as they tend to suffocate oily skin and clog pores. The last thing you want to face is fighting acne breakouts, right?  

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#3 Mattifying finish

Cut out the shine for good with a mattifying face cream. The smart de-shining formula can deliver a long-lasting mattifying effect by absorbing excess oil while you sleep. And you will wake up to balanced, shine-free and plump skin.

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