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You treat yourself a facial and hope to have perfect skin after that. But all you see after a facial may not be a glowing face, is a skin irritation that includes breakouts and redness. Try not to blame the facialist first. That may be normal following a facial. Read on to find out why and how to deal with it.

Why it is normal?

It is usually normal because the extractions in facials are just like the professional deep pore cleansing that help to manage clogged pores. Such treatment is to squeeze your skin so that it’s normal for those areas to get red and irritated. Also, not all of the lodged oil will come out during the extractions, but our pore does have its self-cleaning function that will purge a day or two after the facial.

Shot of an attractive young woman relaxing on a massage bed at a beauty spa

How to deal with it?

Avoid makeup

Your face may look red and get breakouts after the extractions in a facial. You may want to wear makeup to cover it up. However, the facial just provides a deep cleanse to your skin and your pores are more open than normal. And your foundation, powder and brushes harbour bacteria that may cause bacterial infections after your facial. Therefore, it is suggested that to give your skin a break from makeup and heavy products for a day that will allow the serums, creams to penetrate effectively.

woman look somewhere and touch face with beauty skin care concept

Skip the gym and sauna

Your skin has already been steamed to the max during your facial, the increased heat in the skin and sweat can be irritating to your freshly exfoliated skin. Therefore, you should go to the gym and sauna before the facial appointment to let your skin have time to heal.

Beautiful sauna interior with heater  and stones


If you experience a severe post-facial reaction lasting more than a few days, you have to be more careful about the post-facial skin. If you even occur an allergic reaction, like itching, rash-like skin, welts and throat swelling and soughing, it’s important to contact your professional facialist immediately.

Esthetician applying face mask to spa client during facial


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