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Summer is a great time to get some sun at the beach! While supporting all sizes and shapes, we all know that putting on a swimsuit can be a dreaded activity. You’ve worked hard for that sexy core, those toned legs and sculpted arms. There are ways to give yourself that extra boost of confidence for your beach body, because no matter what we all deserve to feel fabulous in our swimwear. 


Exfoliate your body

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Exfoliating is key. Pay special attention to dry areas like knees, heels and elbows. To ensure you evenly scrub every inch of your body, step into the shower and squeeze just a little soap or mild body wash onto the mitt – heavy, oily cleansers may interfere with your skin’s absorption of the tanner. Rub your body in circular motions. Rinse and pat dry. 


Even out your skin tone

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Under sun exposure, your chest and arms are probably a bit darker than your stomach and thighs. And you may also have tan lines from your racerback sports bra, tank, tee, or shorts. To even out your skin tone, smooth a gradual self-tanning lotion on the palest areas every day until they match the rest of your skin. Then spray a body bronzer all over for a perfect, seamless tan.


Highlight your best body part

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Highlight the body part you’re particularly proud of by applying light-reflecting powder to that area. Once that spray bronzer you applied is completely dry, swirl a large fluffy brush in the powder, tap the brush to shake any excess, then dust it over your skin. If you want the focus to be on your shoulders and back, sweep the shimmer across the top of each shoulder and the on the pointy edges of your shoulder blades.


Fix your body makeup

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Seal your shimmer with a water-or-sweat-proof sunscreen mist. If you swim, avoid rubbing your skin with a towel, which will buff off your makeup.





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