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Tourists love going to the night markets in Thailand to enjoy the local foods and to understand the local culture. At the same time, they also love visiting Watsons to shop for the hottest beauty and skincare products. Have you ever heard of “RAY Facial Mask”? RAY Facial Mask is a hero product that is sold over two thousand million pieces until Sep 2017. Here is the product review to unlock the beauty secrets of RAY Facial Mask.

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Both RAY Facial Mask and RAY Gold Facial Mask are made in Thailand and made from 100% natural silk. This natural protein fiber is made up of two primary proteins. It includes a sticky protein known as “Sericin (Silk Amino Acid)” and a fibrous protein known as “Fibroin”.


Silk contains 18 different Amino Acids and 20%-30% Sericin. Sericin has excellent moisture retention feature. It has been found to effectively increase skin moisture, improve skin elasticity, and anti-aging such as reduce wrinkles.

RAY Facial Mask

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  1. Deep moisturizing
  2. Skin brightening
  3. Skin repairing
  4. Reduce wrinkles

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“RAY Facial Mask is a deep moisturizing mask, which can rescue dehydrated skin for only 20 minutes! The mask texture is thin, smooth, and high air permeability that fits your face perfectly. The silky mask holds a good amount of serum. The rich serum penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin. You can get glowing and plump skin instantly. You can use it as after-sun care. It can strengthen and repair the damaged skin barrier.”

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RAY Gold Facial Mask

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  1. Skin repairing
  2. Skin brightening
  3. Whitening
  4. Acne control
  5. Lighten acne scars
  6. Increase skin elasticity

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“RAY Gold Facial Mask is an advanced version of RAY Facial Mask. It is a multi-purpose mask that contains gold leaf serum. It not only moisturizes your skin but also whitens and repairs your skin. The mask texture of the gold one and the silver one is the same. The gold leaf serum can calm and soothe acne-prone skin to help reduce redness and lighten acne scars. It also repairs the irritated skin and improves skin elasticity. You can get a natural radiant complexion.”

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Useful tips: How to apply the facial mask?

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Step 1: Open the pouch and unfold the 3 layers of sheets.


Step 2: Remove the white plastic sheet.


Step 3: Apply the facial mask to your face. Then, remove the blue fabric sheet.


Step 4: Remove the facial mask sheet after 10-20 minutes.


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