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If you find that the more you clear your blackheads on nose, chin and forehead, the more they reappear, you are not alone. It is known that blackheads are annoying no matter where it places. But there is no need to worry. You can get rid of blackheads by the simple hacks that you can do it at home. Read on to find out.

Steam before squeezing

When you try to extract the blackhead, you should not squeeze the skin too hard. Otherwise, such an act can damage your skin or even leaving scars and red spots on your face. Therefore, you should prepare your skin before extracting your blackheads. Prepare some warm water in a bowl, then lean on it with a towel covering your head. the blackhead, dead skin and dirt will get loosened once the steam enters the skin pore. It can open your pore and make the blackheads extraction much easier.

Relaxing during a facial steam treatment at a beauty spa.

Use strips

You should avoid squeeze blackheads with your nails. This will cause bacteria to spread across the surface of the skin and increase the risk of scarring. To remove the blackheads, you can try using good quality blackhead strips. It not only comes in different sizes to fit your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, but also can remove several blackheads at once. It is a good way to extract blackheads.

Woman Beauty Face With Mask. Closeup Of Beautiful Young Female With Cleansing Patches For T-Zone On Face. Portrait Of Attractive Sexy Girl Model With Fresh Natural Makeup. Skin Care. High Resolution

Oil free

It is known that the cause of blackheads is the pores partially blocked by oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. For the one with oily or combination skin, you should pay extra care for your skin to keep clean from dirt and oil. Stick to oil free products that won’t clog your pores. Also, it is recommended to wash your face twice a day and after exercise to remove the dirt, sweat and oil.

two bottles of natural herbal hair shampoo and handmade organic hair soap bar with plants, green and yellow

Clay mask

Clay is an amazing ingredient that works as an adhesive for dirt and oil. After applying it to your face, it can tighten your face when it dries. It helps to draw the dirt, oil and other impurities out of your pores. Also, as the pores open when we sleep, you can especially put the clay mask overnight on your nose or T-zone to target the blackheads. This overnight skin treatment can make you feel clean and pure the next morning.

Close up photo of young woman with facial black mask


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