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Bangs are one of the most popular hairstyles every now and then, you may find people around you get very stylish bangs, needless to say, so do celebrities from worldwide! It is tempted to get a bangs style when you want to have a fresh look! Now, you may want to know how to take care of your skin when you have bangs. Does the fringe cover your forehead would cause you break-out? How to keep your forehead clean and glow? Keep reading down to learn the skincare routine to follow when you have bangs.

1. Clean your forehead twice a day

When your forehead is underneath the fringe, you may forget to clean it like other areas of your face. Just because you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean you can skin the cleansing. Bear in mind that your forehead is also part of the T-zone area, it means it is oilier than other parts of your face. If excessive oil and bacteria are trapped underneath your forehead, it would cause acne break-out. Hence, it is important to pin your hair upward in the morning and night so that you can clean your forehead effectively.

Young beautiful woman washing her face with hands by soap. Studio shot. Studio shot.

2. Minimize styling products on your bangs

You may want to put more spray to keep your bangs rock but bear in mind that the styling products will transfer to your forehead. More chemicals to your forehead, it would stimulate your forehead to produce excessive oil. It is even worse during the summer months when chemicals mixed with dirt, excessive oil and sweat. To prevent a breakout from your forehead, try your best to keep your fringe as natural as you can.

Makeup artist working with hair of model in photo studio

3. Keep your bangs clean

When the weather is humid, your bangs will look greasier than the rest of your hair thanks to hair styling products. You may need to clean your bangs before the night time you wash the rest of your hair. How to wash your bangs during office break? To keep your bangs clean, you may use dry shampoo to keep your bangs clean and refresh!

Hairdresser cutting woman bangs hair in shop

4. No touching policy for your bangs

When it comes to a new hairstyle, we tend to fix it every one or two minutes. Frequently touching your bangs would transfer oil, bacteria, and dirt to your hair, and of course your forehead. At the end of the day, it will lead to acne breakout which you don’t like to see it!

Portrait of two young women


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