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Want to go for a swim but don’t want your makeup gets washed away and your eyeliner is down by your cheek. No worries, with the right waterproof makeup products, this situation never happens to you. Read on to find out the swim-proof makeup that makes you look good and feel great both in and out of the water.


When it comes to foundation, cream formula usually offers better coverage, longevity and water resistance. It is suggested that you better invest in a product that works than the cheap one that may result in a runny and sticky mess. Also, if you want your foundation last longer, you can simply set a powder at last to absorb the shine and have a great matte finish.

Girl on holidays with a perfect white smile bathing in a pool on vacations


To have a pool-proof eye makeup, the technique to keep your eyeliner in place is the key. Going for a swim doesn’t mean your eyelids has to be bare. You can use a cream shadow to set your eyelids. And apply liquid eyeliners to achieve a long-wearing, water-resistant, and not to smudge or budge promises.

Shot of a beautiful young woman at the beach


Mascara with waterproof formula is nothing new. It has made for every girl who likes to swim or to avoid the influence of heavy rainfall crying and sweating. There are many mascaras that you can choose. The one which is affordable will give you instantly long lashes and even last all day in and out of the water. You can own a bold eye look in the summer season.

Colorful portrait of young attractive woman by the swimming pool, summer beauty concept


Wearing lipstick is not essential when you are swimming. However, it is a great way to keep your lips luscious while you hit the beach. You can apply a slick of SPF lip balm first to protect your lips from sunburn. Then, choose a liquid lipstick or lip pencil with waterproof versions close to your natural lip colour that can ensure your lip color stays.

Pretty young blonde pretty girl at beach. Makeup arist making make up for woman care about look in summer. Summertime beauty concept.


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