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You may already know how face serum boost your glow but did you know the nutrient-rich serum can also boast up to a hundred different uses? Read on and you will know this little bottle is something you shouldn’t miss out!

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Made a mistake when putting on your eye makeup? Fret not! Simply wet a cotton swab with your face serum and dab to remove eyeliner and mascara smudges. Unlike using makeup remover, face serum can clean makeup accidents without irritating your skin or leaving behind oily residue.

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As weather is getting warmer every day, you may want to spend as much time in the sun as possible. But having too much fun in the sun without proper protection can cause sunburn. If you have been sunburned, face serum can help heal and soothe the stinging skin. Store your serum in the fridge and put the cooled serum on your face, this can lower skin temperature and relief the discomfort caused by the heat.

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Face serum also plays a trick in creating a perfect makeup. Just add a few drops to your foundation or BB cream before applying on skin. It can restore skin’s hydration balance, as well as making your makeup glides on much easier.

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When it comes to eliminating stretch marks, face serum just comes in handy. Apply a few drops on the stretch mark-prone areas, the hydration of skin can encourage the healing process in the tissue and restore the smooth texture of skin.

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Not only do chapped and dry lips look bad, they can be uncomfortable too. Face serum help heal chapped lips quickly. Place a warm towel on your lips to soak up the peeling skin, then put face serum and lip balm, then you can make your lips soft and plump all day long.



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