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Many women want bigger breasts. If you’re one of them, don’t despair – try these four easy tips to give your breasts a lift!

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1/ Papaya Milk

We’ve heard a lot about this, and it does work! Papayas are proteolytic enzyme-rich, which can help the digestion of dietary protein. Digested protein will be stored in areas around the breasts, thus boosting their size.

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2/ Push-ups

Push-ups are great! They strengthen your triceps, but more importantly, they also strengthen the pectoral muscles below your breasts. Remember to keep your hips low and abdomen contracted during each push-up.

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3/ Contouring

This method requires skill to look right, but it is the quickest and most effective way to make your breasts look bigger! But remember, it’s only a trick.

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4/ Functional Shaping Bras

Wearing a loose bra can make your breasts look small. Instead, choose a functional shaping bra that better wraps, supports and lifts your breasts, accentuating their shape.

Adjusting your diet can also help – try foods like walnuts, red dates and corn that contain nutrients that can help boost your breasts with no harm to your health. With the right diet and habits, you can have the bigger breasts you dream of!







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