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First came the fashion. Then came the homeware accessories. And now, the blush tone has worked its way into our beauty bag too. Say hello to rose gold nails…


What Do I Need for Rose Gold Nails?

1) Mauve/nude nail polish

2) Rose gold nail polish

3) Nail art tape

4) Tweezers

5) Transparent top coat


1208 gif_1

Step 1 – Prep the Base

File your talons so they are all similar in shape and length. Take a neutral-colored nail polish (we’ve used mauve, but you can use pinks or nudes) and apply two coats to each nail, so you have a solid block color base. Leave to dry before moving on to the next step.

 1208 gif_2

Step 2 – Place Tape over Nail

Cut a small piece of nail art tape and use tweezers to position the tape just under the tip of the nail.

 1208 gif_3

Step 3 – Coat Tips in Rose Gold

Take your rose gold nail polish and cover the exposed tip. Try to keep inside the line, but don’t worry if you spill on to the tape.

 1208 gif_4

Step 4 – Remove the Tape

Once the polish has dried, peel the tape back slowly using tweezers to reveal your rose gold tips. 

 1208 gif_5


Step 5 – Apply Top Coat

Finish your look with a clear top coat, this will prevent your design from chipping and will add a glossy touch.


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