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Imagine this, finally you’re about to leave work to go out for the night, but when you check your makeup in the mirror, you realized an exhausting day at the office has shown all over your face. Apparently you don’t have time to start the makeup completely over, so just try to follow this simple three-minute routine to look refreshed, hassle free.

1214 pic_1

First of all, fix an uneven complexion by lightly dabbing foundation with a sponge like a beauty blender. Wet the sponge first, and then dip a dime-sized amount of foundation to cover your whole face. To avoid any streaks, dab the sponge along your face as opposed to swiping.

 1214 pic_2

For those trouble spots like under-eye circles and blemishes that makeup trend to wear off easily, you can add another coat of protection with concealer. The trick to concealer is applying the correct color for your specific issue. When covering the blueish under-eye circles, use a concealer that has a peach shade. When we cover blemishes, use a concealer with a green tint to neutralize the redness.

 1214 pic_3

A swipe of the highlighter on the brow bone not only brings the focus up and it can add a pretty shimmer to your face, it can also swipe your tiring look away. Who needs a cup of coffee to freshen up when you have mastered these makeup hacks?

1214 pic_4

Instead of redoing all of your eye makeup, add just a swipe of shadow to brighten your entire eye. Don’t forget to swipe on your favorite mascara, not to overdo them though, if not your lashes will look brittle.

 1214 pic_5

Lastly, nothing freshens up your face more effectively like a pop of color on your lips. Bolder colors like reds, fuchsias, magentas, purples will sure brighten your entire face and bring you a fresher complexion.




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