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Being a young adult can be lots of fun – but youthful skin and a carefree lifestyle bring their own set of troublesome skin problems, like pimples and oily or dry skin. These problems can be frustrating when you haven’t learned how to handle them, but don’t despair! Check out these helpful tips for different skincare problems faced by 20-somethings.


1. Acne and blackheads

Every time you go outside, dirt accumulates in small amounts on your skin, eventually blocking your pores and causing acne and blackheads. It’s easy to avoid this – clean your face thoroughly every day! In addition, you can moisturise your U-zone and remove dead skin and excess oil in your T-zones by using a Trouble-Free Two-way Clay Mask one or two times a week. This mask contains plant extracts that help your skin control sebum and retain moisture.

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2. Oily skin

When we approach puberty, our hormones cause skin changes such as the development of new sweat and oil glands, which can cause oily skin. Applying Trouble-Free Toner in the morning and at night will soothe and moisturise your skin, softening the skin and removing excess oil and dirt, leaving pores feeling clean and refreshed. You can also apply a thin layer of moisturising Trouble-Free Gel Cream to your face – massage it in to make sure it’s fully absorbed – for a smoothness you can see and feel. (P.S. Remember to apply it to your neck, too!)

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3. Pimples

Of all your childhood memories, pimples are ones you definitely want to forget! Oily skin develops pimples easier, but cleaning away oils can leave your skin dehydrated, especially in the U-zone. Because of this, it’s important to moisturise even oily skin to make sure it doesn’t become dry and tight. Need to hide a pimple for a big date? Trouble-Free Cover Balm can help conceal pimples, reduce red and swollen areas, and soothe your skin without irritating it. You can also apply Trouble-Free Spot Essence on pimples to keep them from getting worse, and repeat when necessary.

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It’s never too early to learn how to take care of your skin. With Collagen Trouble Free to protect your skin, your 20s can be joyful and carefree!






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