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No matter how great your makeup skills are, there’s no one-size-fits-all look that works every time.  Makeup needs to match the occasion. To highlight your unique personality, have a few different styles handy to suit the times. Here are the 3 makeup looks that will make you rock at each event!


 1.   Outdoor Activities with Prince Charming: “No Eyeliner” Makeup

Wearing thick eyeliner while hiking up the mountain with someone you have a crush on?  Not a good idea! At best, it looks inappropriate, and at worst, it seems pretentious. Try a “no eyeliner” look by using your eyeshadow to create a deep and sensual feeling. It can add a fabulous bit of natural sparkle to your eyes.


 2.   First Date:  Sweet Red-Toned Makeup

Put on vibrant red-toned eye makeup to impress your first date with a sweet and sexy look. First create your base colour by applying beige eyeshadow. Then, gradually add red tea eyeshadow on the inner and outer ends of your eyes. Use a burgundy shade to create a layered red-toned effect. To finish your look, perk up your eyes by filling the edges with reddish brown eyeliner.


 3.   Midnight Parties:  Smokey Makeup

Smokey makeup is a must for a party queen like you! The main thing with a smokey eye is that you need to make sure you are blending and layering properly, without looking too “messy”.  Remember to use a product that can glide and extend easily. And don’t forget – less is more, so avoid putting too much makeup on the eye







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