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Everyone loves a good hair transformation, and nothing does the trick quite like a fresh set of hair extensions. We’ve come a long way from dodgy tape jobs and clumpy clip-ins – now it’s all about micro ring extensions, which blend seamlessly into your natural hair… uh, yes please! To get the scoop on how to care for these mane enhancers, here are some advices for you.


Don’t skip detangling

The point of getting extensions is so your hair looks long and luscious 24/7, so the last thing you want is any tangling or matting at the root. All you’ve gotta do is spend five minutes every day detangling to keep hair looking sleek. Simply go to the micro rings on the scalp and separate each extension with your fingers, working your way carefully around your scalp. Keep on top of this and your hair will be on the money!

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Worry-free washing

When you’ve got hair extensions, you need to wash with a little more care than usual. To shampoo, tilt your head back and work up the lather gently by massaging down the hair. You don’t want to scrunch and scrub at the roots, as this could cause tangles or breakage. Rinse the lather out thoroughly, then condition from mid-lengths to ends. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, steer clear of silicones and sulfates, and stick to products with organic ingredients. If you regularly use tongs and straighteners, it’s also worth giving your hair a conditioning treatment every so often.

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Start at the bottom

When brushing your hair, the aim is to cause as little tension at the root as poss. So, work from the bottom up in small sections, rather than dragging your brush from root to tip. Use a soft-bristle brush and hold your hair with one hand to give it extra support.

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Hair on hols

If you’re taking your new do on holiday and plan to swim in a pool or the sea, you’ll need to take protective steps. To help prevent your hair from absorbing loads of chlorine or salt water, saturate it first with clean water, then give it an extra barrier by applying a coconut or argan oil. Once you’ve had your swim, wash your hair asap. And if the weather’s windy and you wanna avoid tangles, style your hair into a quick and easy side plait. 

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