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Can’t wait to bare your arms in cute tank tops during the hot and sticky days of summer? Hold up! Your delicate underarms actually require as much skincare and treatment as your face does. Check out these tips to keep your underarms light and silky smooth, so you can show off your natural beauty with confidence!
1. Avoid Antiperspirants and Deodorants
Antiperspirants and scented deodorants contain chemical substances that can easily irritate your skin and darken your underarms. The deodorant powder can also clog your pores and even cause pigment to precipitate!
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2. Avoid Shaving or Plucking
There are plenty of ways to remove armpit hair, but some are better than others. Shavers, eyebrow tweezers and hair plucking machines may be popular, but shaving can cut and wound your sensitive skin, and plucking will cause irritation and even inflammation in your pores, leaving a dark stain on your skin’s surface.
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3. Exfoliate Regularly
Skin friction, sweating, and excessive dead skin caused by being active can leave your pits looking dull and dark. Use exfoliating products 2-3 times a week to scrub away the dead skin cells that have built up, refine your skin, and improve any clogged pores. Exfoliation is a great way to reduce dark pigments under your arms and whiten your skin effectively.
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4. Use Natural Whiteners
Simply rub a lemon on your underarms before taking a shower (but don’t forget to keep your body moisturized when the shower is over)! You can also mix lemon juice with baking soda to create a natural whitening paste. Apply it under your arm for 1 minute, then rinse with water. If you want to be creative, you can also mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with some water. Gently pad this natural toner under your arms and you’ll be good to go!

It’s time to give your underarms the attention they deserve, so you can gain the confidence you deserve!






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