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Did you know the hormone changes in your menstrual cycle can affect your skin? That’s why it’s important to sync your skincare routine to your 28-day cycle and treat your skin accordingly. Follow these rules to avoid hormonal breakouts!


1. Day 1-7

During the seven days of your period, your oestrogen and progesterone fall to their lowest levels, making your skin dull. Focus on keeping your skin hydrated and alleviating dark circles around your eyes, and avoid products that contain alcohol or fruit acids.

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2. Day 8-14

After your period, your hormone secretions and metabolism will rise. Because your skin tends to be in its best condition during these days, it’s the perfect time to nourish it and perform deep skincare maintenance such as exfoliating and removing acne and blackheads, allowing the skin to start a new cycle.

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3. Day 15-28

During the last two weeks of your cycle, your progesterone will peak, making your pores enlarge and your skin become rough and oilier, which can lead to pimples. Use skincare products that are fresh in texture to get oily skin under control and retain moisture, and avoid whitening and other treatments that can irritate the skin.

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The golden time after your period is the ideal time to work on both your skincare and your diet. Take care of yourself when you’re feeling your best, so there’s less to be sad about when your period arrives.







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