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If we talk about skin care necessities, we may immediately think of serum, cream, etc., toner does not seem to be our first choice. It seems to be dispensable; some people even think toner is a waste of time and money. However, applying toner is a key step to achieve bleach skin.


After applying toner, our skin can absorb the upcoming skincare products better and restore the skin to the skin pH value. Even it is just a toner; the one with the right ingredients can completely change your skin.  However, before using the toner, you should first find out what is the composition of the product. If there are alcohol, spices, sulphates and other chemicals in the products, you can throw them immediately. Each person has different skin target, if we can find the right toner for your skincare regimen, you will get twofold results with half the effort.

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Target 1: No Acne

For those girls who have acne should choose toners containing tea tree ingredients. Other than the one with tea tree, activated charcoal one can also deal with acne and remove the excess oil on face. Witch Hazel is also a natural astringent that helps remove and suck out dirt from the pores.

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Target 2: Moisturized Skin

Not only makeup can help you to have moisturized skin, toner can also do the same. The best choice is to choose the one containing glycerin and hyaluronic acid. They can quickly penetrate into the underlying skin and make the subsequent skin care products more absorption. Remember to avoid using products with alcohol which will make your skin drier.

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Target 3: Brightening Skin

Vitamin C & A are the key ingredients for having brightening skin. These ingredients provide adequate nutrition to your skin which can balance your skin color. Some antioxidants, like tomato extract and lemon ingredients have exfoliating effect. Also, rosemary has been proven to make the skin brighten.


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