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In recent years, more and more girls use natural skin care products because of their natural and pure ingredients. Many people think that natural skin care products and organic skin care products are the same. In fact, both have a world of difference!

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Most of the natural skin care products and cosmetics ingredients are heated to high temperatures during processing; these processes will deprive most of the nutrient in the natural ingredients. In spite of this, it is not easy to distinguish certified organic cosmetics from a single product. Not only the source of ingredients, you also need to know how the ingredients to be planted. Here some points you need to pay attention on when you are buying organic cosmetics and skin care products.

Find Organic Certification Labels

The best way to identify whether a product is organic or not is to find organic labels approved by QAI (Quality Assurance International), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) or USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) on the product packing. Even some well-known brands claim that they are pure organic products, if there is no certification label, no one can confirm its authenticity.

Understand the Difference between Natural and Organic

Natural and organic products cannot add artificial fragrance, pigment, petrochemical products and other ingredients which are not good for skin to the products. Also, added preservatives and surfactants are subject to strict restrictions. The plant ingredients in natural skin care products must be sterilized and purified, otherwise there will be a large number of micro-organisms and bacteria appear. Thus, all natural products are synthesized by chemical processes. In contrast, for organic products, all processes including production and raw material composition need to meet the certificated standards and requirements. For example, fertilizer and pesticides cannot be used during the time when planting the raw materials. That’s what can be called “organic”.

Identify Which Are “Organic” or “Organic Included”

For those products with organic labels which contains at least 70% organic ingredients can be labeled as “Organic” or “Organic Included”. These products must clearly show the organic and inorganic components on the label.  So if you want 100% pure organic products, you need to  read deep down to the ingredient label.



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