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Winter is fast approaching, the dry and cold weather sure affects your skin in many ways, extra care is needed for your vulnerable skin. It’s time to put away products that you have been using in the summer time and consider the following tips while choosing your make up product this winter.

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Your skin can become dry and peel off during winter, to keep the skin looking plump, you will need hydration in the form of foundation. Choose foundations with ingredients like ceramides, oils, antioxidants, and humectants, so when you put on your makeup, you’re doing good to skin by keeping it healthy and strengthen its ability to retain moisture.

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Swap your mattifying foundation for a dewy foundation. Avoid makeup products that create matte effect if you have dry skin, because matte foundation may make your skin look even drier during winter. However if you have oily skin, matte foundation may still help your skin, especially T-zone area look less shiny. Pay extra attention to your skin type and pick the right product that enhances your makeup.

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Make sure the foundation you choose for winter is brightening, as the combination of windy weather, hot showers and indoor heating tends to dry out the skin and leave it looking dull. Foundation contains a vitamin-rich, hydrating effect help combat signs of fatigue and eliminates dullness for a radiant and glowing finish.

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You can also mix your hydrating primer with your foundation, as it gives a lightweight finish and leaves the skin with luminous glow all day long. To give your foundation a smoother finish, you can mix argan oil with your foundation as this will give your skin the hydration it needs.



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