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Glamourous Airy Hair in A Jiffy

A light, airy head of hair is easy to achieve without going to the salon. Give your hair added texture and volume for a special date!

#1 Avoid hair products on your scalp

0413 pic_1_0

Avoid getting hair product on your scalp as this makes your hair stick to your skin. Instead, apply any hair products away from your hairline. It also helps to clean and dry your scalp completely after a wash. When hair ends are dried, they create texture and add layers to your look.


#2 A simple blow dry to fluff up

0413 pic_2_0

When you blow dry your hair, start from the opposite direction of your existing part. Once it is about 80% dry, blow your hair in the other direction until everything is completely dried. This loosens up your hair and makes it look more bouncy and airy.


#3 Zigzag your hair to add volume

0413 pic_3_0

Use the backend of a tail comb to create a zigzag part along your hairline. A zigzag part not only can volumize your hair, it also naturally raises the lengths of your hair off your scalp for that flounced up look.


With these simple steps, you can give dull, flat hair a glamourous lift. Soft bouncy hair doesn’t need expensive salon treatment, and more importantly, will help you feel light and cheery too!


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