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Find the Right Shade of Blush for Your Skin Tone

If you can only choose one makeup product, what will you choose? Someone said eyeliner, someone said eye brow. But for some girls, blush will be their choice. It is a fact that when we brush a dreamy pink hue across the apples of our cheeks our confidence rises. But, like all other makeup, there is an art to choosing the best blush shade for your skin. Here we have prepared a guide for you.


For Fair Skin

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For those who have fair skin, a soft pink, peach or light coral blush can enhance your porcelain skin. Light application is the key. Don’t apply too much product, because it will create a harsh finish reminiscent. A creamy blush texture is suggested for a more natural makeup.


For Medium Skin

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Pinks and peaches are also the best choices for medium skin tone. If you’re more olive, avoid cooler tones like plum as they can make olive-toned babes look sallow. If you can apply the blush on the right spots, a rich pink blush can leave you with a dramatic edge. Where are those right spots? Face the mirror and smile, you can see where your cheekbones naturally pop, apply blush up and down that half-moon space and even into the corner of the eye area for perfectly finishing.


For Dark Skin

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If you have dark skin, red, orange, and brown will be your choices. These colours can leave you looking radiant instead of washed out. After choosing the right blush, you have to apply it correctly. Apply the blush at the apples position in a circular motion and then outwards towards the tops of the ears. This can create perfect pop of color.


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