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How to Sculpt Your Face


Face sculpting, also known as contouring, is a technique that was once only used on photoshoots, but in recent years it has become part of most people’s daily makeup routine. It adds subtle definition to your face and can be done with bronzer or by using specialist contouring kits.


Which contour kit should I choose?

Most contouring kits come in light or dark shades, so choose the one that complements your skin tone. They’re available in cream or powder forms, so those with an oily skin should go for a powder formula, while the cream formula is best for those with dry skin. The key to successful contouring is to blend the product well – contouring shouldn’t be noticeable.

If your skin is fair, it’s best to opt for products that are fairly sheer but have warm beige undertones that’ll work to add warmth and naturally illuminate your complexion. Don’t use any products that are too dark as they will look unnatural and will be hard to blend.

If you’ve got olive tones in your skin, use soft bronze shades to add natural-looking definition to your face, while darker skin tones should avoid using anything too dark as it can look too much. Instead, a bronze-coloured highlighter will sculpt while also adding a natural glow.


What type of bronzer should I use to contour?

If you’d rather use bronzer to contour that’s totally fine. It’s important to make sure you use a blendable, matte bronzer though. Avoid using anything with shimmer in, as it’ll reflect the light, therefore highlighting the area, creating the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Use a shade that’s suitable for your skin tone – if you’re pale don’t use anything too dark, but if your skin is medium-toned or olive, don’t use anything that’s too light.


How to contour your face


The same rules apply whether you’re using a kit of bronzer and you should use an angled contour or blusher brush to apply product – they will offer precise application, and tapered bristles make it easier to follow the natural shape of your face.


Step 1

Suck in your cheeks so you can clearly see the hollows of your cheeks.

 0411 pic_1_0


Step 2

Lightly apply the brown contour shade or bronzer into those hollows, taking it up to the top of your cheekbones and as far as your temples.

 0411 pic_2_0

Step 3

Next, work the bronzer into the temples and underneath the chin to create natural shadows.

 0411 pic_3_0

Step 4

Throughout the application, use soft, circular motions to buff, and gradually build up intensity for a flawless, natural finish.

Once you’re happy with your look, apply highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and along your brow bones, in the places where the light would naturally hit your face. This will add more definition to your face, too.



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