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So, you’ve seen the snail slime products, watched videos on the full-on 10-step routine and taken selfies with your bubble mask on. Yes, Korean beauty has revolutionised our kits for the better. Whether you’re already on board with the latest developments or are a self-proclaimed beginner, we have the ultimate regime that throws all the best bits of the trend into one. And the best part is? It won’t take you all day to do it! 


Step 1: Apply an oil-based cleanser

There’s no shortcut to the good stuff (we’re looking at you gold jelly sheet mask). First, you need to start with a clear base. Use an oil-based cleanser to remove all makeup and debris – this will wipe the slate clean.

0834 pic_1

Step 2: Cleanse again

This is where the two-step cleanse came about. Some stubborn bits and bobs (think sweat/pollution particles) need this second cleanse to disappear.  But, rather than using another oil-based product, switch to a foamy cleanser to completely get rid of the grime. With clean fingers, rub the product on to damp skin until it bubbles up to a frothy foam. Rinse off with water

0834 pic_2

Step 3: Exfoliate

Next, it’s time to unclog pores with a little gentle exfoliation. Focus the product on areas that need this the most (like blackheads on the nose or chin).

Exfoliate as much or as little as your skin needs you to – this isn’t something you need to fit into your everyday if you find your skin is sensitive or irritates easily.

0834 pic_3

Step 4: Face masks

Here comes the fun part – face masks. Korean beauty has given us new toys to play with such as bubble masks (the one where your face looks like a cloud!), collagen-packed lip patches and compression chin masks. Whatever your skin concern, there’s a face mask for the job! Or if you want to try a whole bunch, try a difference one once a week until you find one that works the best for you. Cue the pamper sesh!

0834 pic_4

Step 5: Apply eye cream

Bright, glassy eyes are a big trend in Korea. And so is anti-ageing. So, a key product is eye cream to achieve both sought-after looks in one. Gently apply cream under the eyes, using your ring finger (light pressure) to hydrate the delicate area. If you go for a cream with anti-ageing properties, you’ll see it work wonders on fine lines too.


Step 6: Moisturise some more

Yes, moisturising your face is a big tick. But, how often to rejuvenate other areas, like your neck and your lips? To fully immerse yourself into a Korean-inspired beauty regime, you shouldn’t overlook these not-so-common areas. Give them some TLC with a nourishing face cream and softly scented lip balm. 

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