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It is not surprised that belly will be formed over time as we have to sit at least 8 hours a day at work without any active activities. People think that it is difficult to get rid of it. In fact, there are different types of belly, and different types have different solutions. No worries, let’s introduce the effective ways here to get rid of your big belly.


Red wine type

Appearance: Concentrated in the front of belly position, but no extra fat at hip and buttocks

Cause: Excessive alcohol absorption, or eating too much carbohydrate-containing food.

Solution: Control calories in the diet and reduce alcohol consumption.

0838 pic_1

Tyre type

Appearance: The shape of the belly is like a tyre, like having a balloon in the stomach.

Cause: Flat in the morning, but swells after eating. Usually eat too much, or have             constipation. Chewing gum or drinking with a drinking straw will also lead to big belly.

Solution: Avoid food that can cause abdominal distension, including wheat, garlic, onions, cherries, red heads, mushrooms etc.

0838 pic_2

Pressure type

Appearance: Soft and drooping. Generally, spread from lower chest to the position of belt.

Cause: When it comes to stress, cortisol will release more sugar into the blood. If you don’t  have enough exercise, you can’t consume this energy and form fat.

Solution: Most effective way is to decompress. You can relax by deep breathing, meditation and adequate sleep. Having more meals a day but less food at each is also very effective.

0838 pic_3

Pear type

Appearance: Fat accumulated at bikini line and hip.

Cause: When a woman is pregnant, the body will accumulate, but if these fats are stimulated by estrogen, they will for pear-shaped belly.

Solution: Avoid eating foods with high saturated fat and eating more beans and vegetables instead.

0838 pic_4

Overall type

Appearance: Not only belly, even hands and foots are swollen.

Cause: Some women have a decline in the function of the thyroid and cannot consume the calories in the body.

Solution: Except medication, eat more foods rich in iodine, such as seafood and vegetables with dark green leaves.

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