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Taking off your eye shadow, liner and mascara can be a pain, especially for those stubborn waterproof eye makeup. If you’re not gentle or doing it correctly, you can cause pre-mature aging to the delicate skin around your eyes. In order to get every last bit of makeup off in a non-abrasive way, you need some tips from us.

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Remove your eye makeup before you wash your face. Some people use face wash to remove makeup but that is a big no no. When it comes to getting rid of more potent formulas like waterproof mascara, face wash won’t get the job done effectively, what’s even worse, it will leave damaging residue on your skin.

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Use a gentle, yet effective eye makeup remover. Oil-based formula usually brings the best result, make sure the remover is not too oily or it will leave residue. The best makeup remover is the one that breaks down pigment and rinses off easily without intense scrubbing.

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Always pay special attention to the delicate skin around your eyes. Though your fingers or a tissue might get the job done, natural cotton pads will be far less abrasive on the skin. For the hard-to-reach areas around the eye, like the creases or between lashes, always use Q-tips.

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After you’ve soaked a pad with remover, press it down around your eye and allow it to dissolve so that less rubbing will be needed. You can gently massage the product around your eyes in a circular motion and be sure to wipe the pad downward.

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Even with the best makeup removal technique, waterproof mascara will always make the eye makeup removal process more challenging, time-consuming, and worst of all, stressful on the eyes. So bottom line is keeping waterproof mascara use to a minimum.

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