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During this miserable flu season, though we try very hard to avoid the virus, it seems many of us are unavoidably battling with sore throats, sniffles, coughs and fevers. Not to mention being sick also means looking terrible. But don’t worry, we are here to help you leave your sick cave and look great with a radiant face.

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Dry winter air, constant nose blowing and hand washing, plus medications can cause dry, chapped and irritated skin, making your complexion look dull. So, it’s important to keep your face moisturized even when you’re sick. It’s the best if you can still wash your face and apply a good moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out. But if you feel too sick to get out of bed, you can put a humidifier beside your bed, not only is it great for restoring moisture when you’re sick, it also helps relieve nasal congestion and help stop your runny nose.

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Stuffed up sinuses and sleepless night can cause puffy eyes. To tackle such problem, apply a cold compress to your eyes, just cold cucumber slices can get the job done. When you apply cold material to your skin, it constricts blood vessels and helps ease swelling and puffiness. Plus, you can feel better from the cooling effect if you feel burning from the heat of a fever.

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Rocking a full face of makeup with a runny nose and watery eyes can be quite challenging, but there are tricks to nail it. First of all, you need a good primer to turn your face into a flawless canvas for any makeup to go on smoothly and stay longer. You can also use eyelid primer to keep your eye makeup in place and help the pigments in your eye shadow to really pop. Don’t worry about the watery eyes, use a water-resistant mascara formula to avoid losing your luscious lashes when a sneezing fit starts up. Finally, spritz your face with a setting spray to give your makeup some serious staying power.


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