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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, no matter what your relationship status is like, it’s a great time to celebrate thing that makes you happy…That’s right we’re talking about looking great and feeling gorgeous! Let’s see what are the steps to celebrate your well-being on February 14th.

0204 pic_1_Asian Model

First step is to cleanse and exfoliate because nothing dulls your skin faster than dead skin cells. Use a cleanser that is right for your skin type on daily basis. Scrub your face with natural exfoliator like rice-curb-rose-oil scrub twice a week, as it helps not only remove dead skin cells but also hydrate and soften the skin effectively. Make sure you’re exfoliating the right way, don’t scrub too hard because that can end up tear and injure your delicate skin.

0204 pic_2_Asian Model

Secondly, moisturize your skin from head-to-toe. Moisturized facial skin is key to a healthy, natural glow. A good moisturizer not only stimulates cell renewal but also enhances your skin tone with rosy pigments for a blushed effect. After shower, slather your whole body with a rich and creamy body lotion to give yourself silky smooth soft and supple skin.

0204 pic_3_Asian Model

After your face and body are pampered, the third step is to get you hair shine. Shiny hair reflects light, creates natural highlights and makes your face appear radiant. You can also add brightness and depth to dull strands with a bright hair colour. Don’t forget to use conditioner after colouring, as it can hydrate and protect your hair against dryness.

0204 pic_4_Asian Model

Dewy skin looks sexy, but there’s just a fine line between dewy and oily. Perfecting your makeup, try adding a little bit of highlight to your cheeks. For a little extra illumination, you can add shimmery highlighter on brow bones and collarbones for a non-greasy-looking glow.

Add a final touch to your V-day look by brushing on vibrant colours. Be it eye shadow shades or lip shades. Make sure you moisturize your lips before putting on matte lip colour.



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