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Having a flawless complexion is key to any romantic look, if you’re planning for a romantic evening this Valentine’s Day, you need to pay extra attention to your makeup. Read on and we will tell you how.

0203 pic_1_Asian Model

After moisturising your skin, put on foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin colour, after that, lightly dust a powder that matches your skin tone over your entire face and neck. Using a large brush to apply bronzer to forehead, nose and cheeks followed by a soft pink at the rose of your cheeks. Simply mist moisturizing spray over your face throughout the evening to keep your face looking refresh.

0203 pic_2_Asian Model

When it comes to creating a romantic look, it’s all in the eyes. If you want your loved one stare into your eyes and be drawn into your gaze, apply a thick coat of a deep liner in green or plum, use light pinks for contouring. False eyelashes are always key to a sexy look, alternatively, apply two to three coats of mascara, as multiple thin coats will keep the lashes long, luscious and thick.

0203 pic_3_Asian Model

A pair of kissable lips is a must for creating a sexy nighttime look. To create a perfect red lip, first of all, use a slightly deeper liner to create your frame. Blend a light application of the liner down into the lip area. Follow with a light application of your red lip colour. Blot the excess colour with a tissue, then lightly apply one more coat of red lipstick. If you’re not a fan of red lips, use a glossy lipstick in mild pink or peach will also turn up the heat.

0203 pic_4_Asian Model

Once your look is complete, there’s one final touch you’ll need to include –  Confidence! No matter what makeup you put on, what dress you wear or how you style your hair, there’s nothing sexier than confidence. Just be pretty, be confident and be yourself on the beautiful night.





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