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Everyone knows that working out is good, especially working out outdoor. A lot of studies showed that outdoor exercise is the best for your body, both mentally or physically. It burns calories while reducing tension, frustration, and even depression at the same time. As a matter of fact, those effects may well be intensified in winter.

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When you do outdoor exercise in summer, the heat and humidity can drag you down and tire you faster. On the other hand, cold weather is invigorating; it stimulates your senses, tunes you in to your surroundings, boosts your energy levels and makes you feel alive.


As you may already know, all exercise can increase your levels of endorphins, which is the hormone that makes you feel happy. As your body has to work harder to tackle the cold weather, your endorphin production is boosted even more, resulting an even happier state of mind.

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Some suggested that you burn more calories in winter. Basically if you were just standing outside without your warm workout gear on, and shiver for a while, you could conceivably burn some extra calories already. Inhaling cold air can also help you burn additional calories.


Another practical reason for exercising outdoor is that it saves electricity as you can heat up your body up naturally without soaking in a warm bath or lying in front of the heater. Exercise is a natural way to rise body temperature, which also brings a soothing, calming effect on your body.

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With so many benefits to work out in the chilly weather, to enjoy outdoor exercise to the max, try to plan your workout schedule flexibly. On extremely cold days, your best bet is holding off until mid-afternoon.





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