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To have a radiant and glowing skin, you need to pay attention to your digestive tract as much as spending on creams and cleansers. Here’s why. Our digestive system is the place where we absorb nutrients from our foods; it is also the major place where we dispel toxins. So if the digestive system isn’t working well, the side effect will sure reveal on the face, breakouts, eczema, redness and dull skin, you name it. For every beauty seeker, it’s just too important to maintain a harmonious relationship between gut and skin.

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Food allergies, food sensitivities, all these conditions reminded us that maintaining a healthy diet is the utmost important thing to do. Often times skin conditions are caused by sensitive foods, so you should quit the common sensitive foods including processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugar as these foods can lead to intestinal inflammation and affect your overall digestion and event skin health.

Enhance your gut health by eating probiotic rich foods. As we discussed before, the good bacteria live in our digestive tract help keep our pH levels in a place allowing our bodies to absorb skin-benefiting nutrients and help remove wastes.

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Digestive enzymes help your body break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Your digestive system uses natural enzymes, but often times our bodies do not make enough to break down everything we consume, so you might need to take certain enzyme supplements can help improve digestion. Digestive enzymes also help the body renew damaged cells and decrease constipation, which is a key for glowing skin.

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Besides having a whole foods, plant based diet, you also need to move your body every day to enhance the function of your digestive system. Also, exercise can increase your heart rate and help circulate nutrients to your skin and push toxins out. If you like yoga, certain stretches and postures also help flush your body clean of toxins. Not to mention get your body moving is great for lower your stress levels, which ultimately leads to healthier, younger looking skin.



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