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Transitioning your summer wardrobe for winter is not the only thing you need to do when the weather gets cooler, you also need to start protecting your skin.


Cold weather and wind can be drying to your skin, but rich moisturizer isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes it’s not the viscosity of moisturizer that makes the difference but the levels of active ingredients do. Also you need to choose the right winter moisturizer depending on your skin type. Get your moisturizer on right after washing your face or getting out of the shower, pat your skin to slightly damp and start applying moisturizer immediately as moisturizing steps are best to do on freshly washed skin when pores are opened from the heat of shower.


Many people go for face oils in winter, truth is they don’t hydrate the skin, sometimes they can even make your face too greasy .The best way to use face oil is to incorporate a few drops of it into your moisturizer so you get the benefits of a moisturizer while giving your face the glow that you’re looking for.


Hot showers make you feel good during the coldest days in winter, but excessively hot water dehydrates the skin. So don’t get lost in thoughts under the shower, and keep the water temperature in lukewarm, after all just try to make your bath time shorter.


If your skin is dry and flaky during winter, don’t exfoliate it too much. As taking out peeling agents or harsh exfoliators will weaken your skin barrier that holds moisture in your skin. Try to clean your face with a gentle cleanser instead.





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