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You have been a good girl by keep putting moisturizer on your face daily but your skin is still looking dry and chapped? Chances are you have been putting your moisturizer in a wrong way all the while. Having smooth and soft skin takes more than slathering lotion all over your body, you just need to know the clever and effective ways to do it right.


It’s tempting to think that you need to invest in a thicker moisturizer to have your face be fully protected. Truth is thick moisturizers takes ages to sink into your skin and won’t give you the result that you have expected. What you should look for is natural oil based moisturizer like those made of almond oil, as it is easier for your skin to absorb compared with those water based ones. Seaweed and algae are also key ingredients that will help rehydrate your skin as algae attracts water into your skin.


To let your skin stay hydrated all the time, you need to get a weekly treatment that adds to your moisturizer. Creating your own face mask is totally easy and quick. Edible ingredients like avocado, egg white, lemon juice and honey can make great rescue treatment for your skin in between moisturizing.


Though we can’t predict humidity, there are different moisturizers that promise to make your skin better in different weather conditions. It is important to find a moisturizer that adapts to temperature change and cater your skin needs effectively.


Don’t forget to use sunscreen even in winter or cloudy days, as sun damage can give you dry and rough skin. Also always use moisturizer as a base for your makeup. After all, your moisturizer will work better if you take good care of your skin and hydrate yourself properly.




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