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We spent over 8 hours at office every day, and we have to deal with stress from meetings, projects, tasks and relationship with your colleagues. When you are feeling stressed at work, it affects your mood and deteriorates your work performance. So, it is vitally important to learn how to be relaxed in your working time. Here are 4 ways may help you!

1. Work-out during lunch

After a whole morning of working, it is normal that you feel brain cramps and headache. Why not use your lunch break to work-out and boost up your mood? No matter running at treadmill for 30 minutes or a sweaty yoga session will stimulate your mind to be calm and relax. Clear the anxiety of the midday, it helps you feel refresh to cope with another half of the day.

Businesswoman doing biceps curls with dumbbell and talking on telephone at computer in office

2. Practice breathing

We all know that conflicts always happen between your colleagues or clients, you may be easy to lose your temper at some point, or feeling very emotional. When you are suppressing your emotion, it became stress. Breathing is a good way to unplug yourself with the situation, take the air out of your stomach, pull it back in to really empty your lungs of air. Repeat the breathing three times, it will calm your mind.

Yoga relaxation at work

3. Fuel yourself with healthy food

When you are stressed or feeling low, your body will crave for sugar to rise up your blood sugar level. If you intake unhealthy food like candy, donuts or soft drinks, your blood sugar will be like a roller coaster, and stimulate your mood swing. What’s even worst? You will gain weight from that. On the flip side, fuel yourself with natural and healthy food, such as blueberries, nuts and yogurt would boost up your energy and calm your mind!

Healthy business lunch in office, salad for snack, almonds, water on blue table. Top view with copy space. Concept healthy nutrition. Lunchbox. To do list.

4. Reward yourself a short massage

When it comes to massage, you may think it must be a long one.  Believe it or not, a short yet effective massage makes your life easier! By simply massaging your ear, use your fingertips to press your earlobes and shell of the ear gently. You may find it helps you to get rid of anxiety in a magical way.

Close up Rear View of a Tired Businesswoman Holding her Nape with Two Hands.


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