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K-beauty for men is a booming trend all over the world. Men spend more money on makeup products to make themselves look good and feel great. How to be an oppa? Just follow these few simple steps to wear your makeup!

Man applying cosmetic cream on face

(1) BB Cream

How to create a dewy glow look? BB cream is a must for Korean men’s make-up. “BB” means beauty balm. You are better to choose a moisturizing BB cream with built-in SPF.  It can moisturize and protect your skin from the sun damage. It can also provide a certain coverage to create smooth and flawless skin. Choose a shade of BB cream that matches your natural skin tone. Apply BB cream to your face evenly by fingers or a blending sponge.

Close-up of make-up concealer sticks in different shades of beige

(2) Concealer Stick

Next step is covering the blemishes. Pick a concealer stick which is lighter than your skin colour. The coverage of concealer is greater than BB cream. Apply the concealer stick to the red spots, under-eye area and jawlines. Then, blend it gently with your fingers. This can brighten your dull skin tone and neutralize the redness.

A young man tweezing the hair on his face

(3) Brow Gel

Groom your eyebrows regularly as they are the bold statements of men’s make-up. Remove the loose hairs by using a tweezer. Choose the brow gel which is similar to your hair colour. Dip and brush your eyebrows with the brow gel following the growing direction of eyebrows. Brow gel can make your brows look fuller.

Handsome, young, bearded man using natural lips balm on light gray background. Care about healthy, moisture and soft lips. Protection from cold winter, hot summer and windy autumn time.

(4) Lip Tint

Don’t forget to wear lip balm to moisturize and protect your lips. You can apply nude or light pink colour lip tint to create natural and softer lips. Lip tint is a good pick for men as it stays on your lips a whole day long. Avoid using lipsticks with a shiny or glossy finish. They will look too feminine.

Let’s start the skincare routine before wearing makeup!


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