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Losing weight is a real struggle. You should calculate your calorie intake, read nutrition labels, and work out hard at gym…that’s why when you hear about waist training, you are so tempted to try. The much talked about waist training is wearing a corset-like contraption for a certain amount of time every day to “mould” your body into a slimmer figure. The waist-cinching tool is even endorsed by different celebrities. But the truth is, these glorified corsets is absolutely something you should never try on.

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First and foremost, wearing corset is painful. Not only does it place indents and pressure on your skin, it also bruises your bones, especially your ribs. Bone bruises are more painful and last much longer than bruising anywhere else on your skin, which means even you get the perfect figure you wish to have, you’ll feel miserable for a long time.

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If you’re under 21, rocking a waist trainer is a big no no. Because waist training can put you at risk for permanent damage to your bone structure and build as your body and muscles have yet to fully develop.

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Corset makes the upper organs move upwards, and the lower organs shift downwards. As a result, it can increase the chance of heartburn as your stomach shifts up beyond your diaphragm, causing acid reflux.


Putting on the waist-cinching tool for a long period of time makes you hard to breathe, when you only do shallow breaths, you can suffer from oxygen shortage. Not to mention the unnecessary pressure that you put on the lungs can eventually impair the lungs.


There are evidences that waist training doesn’t harm just the digestive tract and lungs, but can even damage your liver, diaphragm, spleen, and kidneys from the pressure placed on them. This is especially true if you wear waist trainers or corsets for long periods of time. So, think twice before jumping on the bandwagon.






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