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Face scrubs are the backbone of every good skincare routine. Well, they were. Then a whole load of #fakenews got out and everyone got afraid of exfoliating. Trust us, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Face scrubs are the real deal. If you want the skin of your dreams, then you need one at the ready.


What are they?

Every time you step outside, your skin ends up collecting a layer of dirt. Gross.  If you’re happy to invite things like age spots, wrinkles, agitated, or dry skin into your life, then there’s no need for a face scrub. If not, you know what to do…


How do face scrubs work?

0726 pic_1

It’s simple. Face scrubs work by gently exfoliating the skin. Their superpowers include: 

1. Banishing any dead skin cells that could make your skin appear dull (goodbye zombie bride, hello Chrissy Teigen glow). 
2. Unblocking your pores for a supermodel complexion. 
3. Removing any excess oil which could give you the dreaded shine.


What’s different about face scrubs now?

0726 pic_2

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten too keen with a face scrub (*raises hand*). One reason so many of us are exfoliating-phobes now is because we got too excited when we were younger. The problem is, exfoliating too much strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and open to breakouts. You should actually aim to use a face scrub every 2-3 days.

0726 pic_3

If you’re one of those who want to get their scrub on but find face scrubs too harsh on your skin (boo!) – don’t worry. Amid our skincare revolution, brands have been very busy creating softer face scrubs just for you. Result! These clever little beauties hold all the power of a regular face scrub, and they’re kinder to your skin. Dreams do come true.



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