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Everyone wants to have a good hair day when he/she wakes up. Yet, no matter how you change your hair washing routine, you still find yourself wake up with “bad hair days”. Why is this happening? You may have to look into your scalp and heal the problem of the root. Do you find your scalp is too oily or itchy? Do you find pimples or redness on it? Those are signs that your scalp lost it balance and you have to take care of it.

1. Regular scalp massage

Scalp just likes any skins of your body, just it is covered by your hair doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pamper it. When you are doing massage to your scalp, it actually helps circulation and providing natural oils to your skin as well as your hair. By simply massage scalp with your fingertips, your hair and scalp are moisturized in a natural way. What’s more? You can remove dead cells from your scalp when you are massaging it.

Women itching scalp damaged hair, Haircare concept.

2. Choose natural conditioner

When it comes to scalp moisturizer, conditioner is the first thing appears in your mind.  You may notice that conditioner keep your hair hydrated and silk-like texture, yet, you may not realise that it can soften your scalp and reduce dryness of your scalp. When it plays such an important role, it is wise to choose a natural or organic conditioner to ensure there is no harmful chemical left on your scalp and hair.

Woman with conditioner in her hair

3. Try natural ingredients as your scalp treatment

When the weather is getting humid, you may find more difficult to oil control of your scalp. To ensure your scalp to clean and healthy, why not add natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil, coconut oil and Aloe vera as a natural scalp mask that can prevent excessive oil and pimples on your scalp.

aromatherapy - floral essential oil bottle

4. Silicone-Free shampoo

People always buzz about changing shampoo to keep your scalp healthy. Yet, it is more important to switch a silicone free shampoo from time to time, why? As silicone shampoo may cause excessive oil or irritation to your scalp, and silicone-free shampoo can keep your scalp cleaner and better.

Cropped Hand Washing Woman Hair In Salon

Makeup in a hurry


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