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People always think that you are fatter after travel? In fact, travel is not only about eating, sightseeing and sleeping, you can still include your exercise routine into your journey. Toting some equipment with you will ensure you can stick to your regimen and keep on track to your fitness goals. But lightweight, space-saving items are key when you’ve got only so much room in your travel bag to devote to them. Here, 4 items you can bring with you on every trip, so your training schedule stays on track.

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Jump Rope

If you haven’t incorporated jumping rope into your regular workout routine, you’re missing out. This handy piece of equipment offers up a total-body workout — not only is it one of the best cardio exercises around, but it targets your shoulders, arms, and legs, too.

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Resistance Bands

If you don’t already have resistance bands in your arsenal, you’re missing out. They’re one of the easiest things to pack, and the most versatile. You can use them to help you stretch before your workout, you can use them to make exercises — like pullups — easier, or you can use them to make exercises — like pushups, squats, or curls — harder.

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Six-Pack Ab Sliders

Designed to work on any surface — from hotel room carpets to a hotel gym floor — these compact sliders give you a complete ab workout because they require you to engage your entire core the whole time. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll start to feel the burn pretty quickly.

 0618 pic_4-mini

Doorway Pullup Bar

Build your upper-body strength no matter where you are with this durable pop-in and pop-out doorway pullup bar. And use the multiple screw-in door mounts to adjust to different heights for a permanent setup when you’re back.






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