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Not taking care of your contacts can lead to all kinds of problems, from nasty eye infections to blindness. Quit these habits for the sake of your eyes before putting that piece of plastic onto the surface of your eyeball.

#1 Don’t let them come into contact with water

The shower, hot tub and swimming pool can have bacteria and amoebae that can devastate your eyes if you don’t disinfect your contact lenses properly. The reason is that water harbours dangerous bacteria that can cling on to the plastic of your contact lens and cause infections or loss of vision.  

Close up of a woman washing her hair while showering in the morning.

#2 Don’t handle them without washing your hands

We do touch a lot of things during the day. If you don’t wash your hands before touching your contact lens, you could deposit microorganisms from your dirty fingers onto or into it and lead to infections. So, always remember to wash your hands with water and soap, pat them dry with a towel, before handling your contact lenses.

A Contact lens is resting on a finger against a blue background

#3 Don’t reuse contact lens solution

Reusing contact lens solution or leaving used cleaning solution in your contact case is a big no-no. You should dump out the used solution, otherwise, it could cause bacteria to proliferate and the solution to stop being sterile. If unfortunately, that bacteria get onto your lens and onto your eyeball. It can cause serious infections.  Don’t forget to rinse the case with contact lens solution and wipe it out with a clean towel after every use.

Female hands holding contact lens

#4 Don’t sleep in them

Sleeping in your contacts that’s not approved for overnight use can lead to nasty eye infection, and in some cases, blindness. Why? It is due to the fact that you don’t blink in your sleep, tears aren’t washing under your lenses, and your eyes aren’t getting enough oxygen, and therefore getting an infection.   

Sleep. Young Woman Sleeping In Bed. Portrait Of Beautiful Female Resting On Comfortable Bed With Pillows In White Bedding In Light Bedroom In Morning. People Sleep. High Quality Image.


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