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Over the last year, we’ve seen a wide range of food and drink trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment. It seems 2018 is set to be a year of even more adventurous veggie and vegan cuisine. Wondering what to expect from the future of food and drink? Check out here.


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Adding a scoop of protein powder on your oats in the morning and it becomes PROATS! You can also make them overnight by adding hemp, flax or chia seeds to take the protein and nutrient content up further, or add sliced bananas or berries for that natural sugar boost. Protein can help you retain lean, fat-fighting muscle along the way and enhance the effectiveness of your weight loss.


Plant-based Dining

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Going green is the obvious trend to follow. People are slowly embracing animal-free diets as a health-conscious effort. The ideal option for consumers seeking a balanced meal plan between a normal and fully vegan diet.


Fermented Foods

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Some examples of fermented food vary from dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese to vegetables like kimchi and pickles. It’s good to know that these fermented foods are gaining a name in the health food industry, too. Fermentation can increase the levels of certain nutrients, like B Vitamins. The probiotics used in the fermentation process help your body digest what you’re eating and better absorbs its nutrients.


Airy Snacks

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Popcorn, puffed parsnip chips and popped jicama crisps may become your must have items during snacktime. Healthier alternatives that star root veggies as a main ingredient will also be part of the trend, we’ll probably be grazing on stuff that’s popped, puffed, dried, and cripsed. The airy snack is giving fruits and vegetables some competition. Not only having low calorie, airy snacks are low in fat and contains fibre which are reasons people choose to eat.





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