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Gaining weight is no big deal if you have planned to get back on track towards your weight goals later. It is known that behavior changes take time. Perseverance helps a lot.  No worries! Here are the tips to help control yourself to get back on the right track after gaining weight.

Simply get started

Everything starts with a small step. Once we stop exercising, our bodies stay in the “at rest” status and need extra energy to get it moving again. The key for us to get back on track is to do any exercises you want, regardless of its intensity and type. Once you get yourself moving again, you will feel different about yourself and body. So just get started to achieve your goals, you will be more optimistic to chase it.

Woman ready for exercise outdoors, woman standing and looking at stairs

Write down your workout planning

Motivation is the power to keep you moving in the long period. To motivate yourself, you should write down your plans to achieve your weight goals specifically. For example, going to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, meals for weekdays and weekends and weight targets. Write down everything specifically just like telling yourself to execute the changing process to get back on track.

Woman writing nutrition plan diet menu and fitness workout routine. Healthy detox water with lime, lemon, cucumber and mint for slimming down concept. Top view, copy space

Find a partner

It is not easy to get back on track. Find an accountability partner to share your goals and encourage you for your efforts, it will be much easier to commit your goals. A partner doesn’t have to be close relation like a family member and spouse. As long as the partner respects you enough to help you get back on track, it can be your coach, a friend even a colleague to help you reach your target.

young asian colleagues coworkers working together in company meeting room using digital tablet.

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