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We spend at least 8 hours in the office every day, you may find your skin is not as hydrated as the way you leave home. Thanks to the air-conditioning, not only does it filter the dirt and smoke from the air, but it also takes away moisture from our skin. When our skin is dehydrated, it becomes less flexible and duller. So, it is your top priority to maintain hydrated skin in the office. We have come up with some tips!

1. Moist your skin with facial mist

After a few hours working at the office, you already found your skin is dehydrated. And, you don’t want to mess up your make-up, the facial mist is your ideal choice. Applying mist spray can be a quick fix for dehydrated skin, it can provide adequate moisture to your skin directly. When it comes to facial mist, thermal spring water or rosewater would be a fantastic choice to deliver moisture to your skin!

Beautiful woman applying spray  water treatment on face on blue background

2. Boost your skin with water-based gel

When it comes to boosting moisture within your skin, you must have a solid foundation to battle with low humidity for all day long. The dermatologist suggested that applying a water-based and lightweight moisturizer not only can it lock moisture in your skin, but it also can add moisture into your skin for the whole day!

Crop female in white t-shirt taking care of skin putting cream on face on light blur background

3. Eat water rich food

“You are what you eat!” eating water rich food or drinking water is the most direct way to deliver water to your body and skin. There are plenty of water rich food you can prepare for your afternoon snack, such as water melon, cucumber, bell pepper. Not only does it provide your rich moisture, but it also help to smooth your skin too!

Watermelon pattern. Sliced watermelon  popsicles on  blue rustic wooden background. Flat lay. Tropical Summer idea

4. Don’t forget your eyes

The skin around your eye is extra thin and fragile, low humidity in the air would cause you a fine line and dry skin easily. To keep your skin around the eye hydrated, why not consider to add eye cream into your daily skin care routine! What’s more? You are also preventing yourself to look older than you should!

Face cream woman applying skin cream under eyes. Beauty eye contour cream, wrinkle cream or anti-aging skin care cream. Beautiful young mixed race Asian Chinese  beauty model in her 20s isolated on white background. Similar:

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