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Up to now, social distancing is one of the only proven tactics to reduce the outbreak of disease. Many companies start implementing remote-work policies to minimize the risk of infection. Working from home can save commuting time. But it is a great challenge to stay focused at home. Here are some tips to maximize productivity during this period.

(1) Establish a routine

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How to end up working 24/7 when you are working from home? You should establish a routine to have a sense of control. Maintaining usual and consistent routines are the hardest part of this period. Try to wake up and go to bed as usual, start working at the same time every day, and schedule the lunch break around the same time if possible. Get dressed can also switch you from home mode to work mode that helps you be more productive and focused.

(2) Have a separate workspace

Interior of a Scandinavian style cozy office space.

Set a clear boundary between your workspace and your bedroom. Home and work can blur together when your workspace is your bed. Setting up a place at home where you exclusively work is essential. Avoid eating breakfast and lunch on your working desk. Remember to take a short break or walk around at home every 30 minutes. And, set a cut-off time every day when your work ends.

(3) Manage distractions

Pet, man, animal, bedroom, home office, computer, technology, surfing, working, blanket, white, barefoot, jeans

There are too many distractions like TV, computer games, fridge, your child or pet when you work from home. You should limit or switch off these distractions to avoid interrupting your work. The best method is wearing noise-canceling headphones to help you stay focused. Only do your housework during your lunch or break. Keep focused and finish all tasks on the to-do list first.

(4) Get the tools you need

Serious young businesswoman in wireless headset call center agent telemarketer consulting client participating business video conference talk help as customer care service support helpline in office

You are recommended to equip your usual office setting for more efficient work, such as a computer with a high-quality internet connection for supporting video conferences at home. Keep in touch with your boss and colleagues when you work from home. Ideally, you need a comfortable desk, chair, separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse to reduce eye and wrist strain. If your company can provide the equipment, use the provided equipment to access all documents and applications to ensure the security.


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