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Lipstick colours can express your personality in different ways. You may think that the lipstick application is quite simple. However, you may make some mistakes when you are swiping the lipstick. Have you ever stained your teeth with the lipstick? Here are some tips for you.

woman applying balsam on lips

(1) Applying lipstick over chapped lips

Chapped lips can ruin your makeup. Applying lipstick on dry lips will make your lips look flaky and cracked. Gently exfoliate your lips by using a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Stay your body hydrated and nourish your lips with lip balm or Vaseline can provide a smooth canvas to swipe the lipstick perfectly.

3D render of a large assorment of lipsticks

(2) Use a wrong lipstick colour for your skin tone

You should find the right lipstick shades for your skin tone, which just like choosing your foundation. For the people with olive skin tones, they can swipe a full spectrum of lipstick colours. For pale skin tones, you should avoid wearing nude or earth tone lipstick shades. You are better to go for red lipsticks with blue or purple hues. For darker skin tones, you can stick to deeper shades and a two-toned lipstick colours to plump your lips. 

woman applying lip liner

(3) Use a wrong lip liner colour

A lip liner can define your lip shape and avoid colour bleeding. You should prevent sharp lines encircling your lips by using a dark lip liner. Also, overdrawing your lips with a dark lip liner can make you look much older. Choose a neutral coloured liner that matches with your lipstick colour and your skin tone can make your lips look fuller.

Close up of a caucasian face and mouth with red lips and lipstick on her white teeth

(4) Over-applying lipstick

Over-applying lipstick will lead to feathering and bleeding. How to avoid the lipstick smear across your teeth? You can use a lip brush or a q-tip to apply the lipstick evenly. And, do a blotch test. Firstly, blot your lips on a tissue. Then, stick your index finger between pursed lips. Finally, pull out your index finger from your closed lips. Excess lipstick will come off on the index finger.   


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