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Girls who love taking photos are always troubled by the unpleasant photos they made. They often ask why others’ photos are so beautiful, but they look so strange even taking 100 or more shots. No worries! Learn a few simple poses now, and you can easily become a model too.

0319 pic_1_0

Hands on chin
Put hands on chin can modify your face shape. Remember to keep innocent eyes to enhance the effect. Also, if you choose to put hands on chin, make sure you don’t take full-body shot because the composition will be very strange.

 0319 pic_2_0

Looking back with a smile

Looking back with a smile can make people excited, don’t be afraid of using this trick. Many traditional things are actually good.

 0319 pic_3_0

Inadvertent photos are beautiful but not artificial, but not everybody can take this kind of photo. You must first pretend you have the other half, and then both of you are in a romantic and exotic country, when you enjoy the beautiful scenery, your lover suddenly shouted with his gentle voice, you look back, and that is the perfect moment.

 0319 pic_4

Flick your hair

Flick hair is an accidental moment, it is also able to achieve a beautiful but not artificial photo. Also, this action can bring some movement to the photo.

 0319 pic_5

Funny playful expression

The playful and funny expression brings a lovely feeling. Will anyone not like this natural and cute girl? Moreover, funny expressions make people who see your photos feel happy.

 0319 pic_6

Casually sitting on the floor

Casual is beauty. It is boring to stand always and is easy to be unnatural. Sitting arbitrarily on the ground, the positive side of performance is more attractive to the audience.



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