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Ever wondered if your hair color really suited your skin color? Or have you ever looked in to the mirror and sighed ‘I guess I don’t really suit this style…’

Fear no more, we have made a handy-dandy guide for you to follow, and maybe your next choice of hair color would be made easier!

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Fair skin

People with fair skin are gorgeous with blonde hair, that’s right. However, they actually suit dark hair more, something like a deep cocoa or even a deep red! Dark hair accentuates their features, making them more prominent, and it contrasts extremely well with their snow-white skin. Also, if you have fair skin and are a fan of colorful hairs, try a deep turquoise or purplish pink, they pop up best with fair skin!

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Warm toned Skin

 Asians are well known to have very warmed toned honey skin, and that’s attractive. Well, more attractive if their hair is a silken smooth black or brunette. If you are a fan of colorful hair, make sure to not choose anything too light or cool-toned, as it will make your already warmed toned skin look darker and duller.

 0603 pic_3_0

Olive Skin

 Olive skin people can be more experimental with their hair color. With their olive skin toned, people might think they suit best to dark hairs, which is not wrong. However, they will also look great with a surprise match of light orange or caramel. Just make sure the hair color is warm, and then it’s all-good. Warm hair colors will bring out the glow of their olive skin.

0603 pic_4_0

Chocolate skin

 People with chocolate skin are already a delicacy with their naturally rich black hair. They can also try to rock a red or burgundy if that’s their preference. They would look amazing with either! Chocolate skin toned should never crash with extremely cool colors such as blue and turquoise; they should avoid overly vivid hair dyes.

0603 pic_5_0

Black Skin

 Already gifted with a splendid skin color, their hair color can of course be experimental and wild. Although they would look opulent with their natural hair color, people with black skin can feel free to rock anything from ash grays to Burgundies. Again, just avoid any cool color hair dyes such as turquoises. People with Black skin can also rock a blonde and look amazing with it!




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