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As early as 5 or 6 years ago, if you saw someone wearing a cap, it was mostly used as a sun care or to cover the hair oil. However, wearing caps has become a fashion trend in recent years, especially baseball caps. But, if the wearing method is wrong, it will stand out the weaknesses of your face. The following steps are the right ways to wear a cap and hope to help you become the leader of the trend.

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1. Don’t wear the cap too high

Girls with small and flat face should not wear the cap too high because it will make your face look large. When you wear a cap, you should adjust the tightness according to the size of your head, and wear it as far as possible so that the hindbrain is inside the cap.

 0602 pic_2_0

2. Don’s hide all your hair in the cap

The more the hair you hide in the cap, the bigger your face will look. Leave some hair on both sides of the cheek, if you have bangs, just expose them and make them to the inner bend by a straight hair clip for shaping your face.

 0602 pic_3_0

3. Wearing clothes exposing your collarbow

Most people match their cap with a sweater or basic turtleneck to create a casual feeling. However, covering the collarbone will make your face look round. V-neck or off-shoulder clothes should be chosen to expose your collarbow.

 0602 pic_4_0

4. The cap brim cannot be too low

Most girls mistakenly believe that the smaller the exposed face area is, the smaller their face can be. However, the fact is that your face look rounder if the cap brim is too low! The best position of the cap is in the middle of your forehead, allowing others to see your facial features clearly!





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