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It’s that time of year again! You know, where you’re thinking about getting that bikini on and strutting your stuff, whether it’s on a beach somewhere sunny, or into a makeshift paddling pool in the garden (note to self: those things are bloomin’ freezing). If you’re looking to firm up your behind before you get your swimsuit on – and trust us, you look just as smokin’ if you’re not – then we’ve got a real game-changer for you. Turns out there are ways to tone your butt that don’t involve squatting your legs off. You are defs ready for this jelly…

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Body brushing

If you haven’t tried body brushing before, you’re seriously missing out. Dry brushing improves your lymph flow – a fluid containing white blood cells – which helps to rid the body of toxins, leaving skin looking more toned and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It’s easy-as-toast to do; simply swipe the dry brush swiftly in an upward motion over each buttock several times before you shower. Over time, your derriere will appear firmer and perkier. Now that’s a butt workout we can get on board with…

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Firming Lotion

When it comes to firming up your bum, firming butter is a god-send, it tightens and tones skin for a truly bootylicious behind. It couldn’t be easier to use either – simply massage into your skin twice a day and voila! A bikini-ready butt with minimal effort. 

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Body Contouring

If you thought contouring was just for your face you were oh-so-mistaken. That’s right huns, contouring your booty is the perfect squat-free way to rival Queen Bey’s peachy behind. This isn’t a job for your bronzing powder though – you’re gonna need some long-wearing fake tan to make your defined bum completely beach-proof. Apply a small amount of tan along the curve of your bum cheeks and then gently blend with a buffing mitt.  








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