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Long eyelashes can give people an innocent feeling. Thus, many girls like to apply mascara or even apply eyelash extensions. However, with more and more makeup, perm, and mascara, eyelashes will become even more burdensome. Most girls may only focus on eyes care to get rid of eye lines and dark circles, but they may ignore the maintenance of eyelashes. And here, we are going to teach you how to maintain your eyelashes so that you don’t need to rely on mascara to make your eyes feel bling bling to the others.

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1. Give your eyelashes enough time to take a rest

In order to save the time of having makeup, many girls have the habit of applying eyelash extensions. But, how often should we renew the eyelash extensions? Fake eyelashes generally can be last for a month, and fall off according to the metabolism of real eyelashes. In hope of having enough time for eyelashes to recover, we should apply eyelash extensions one or two months at a time, or only have it before the important days, so that the eyelashes can have enough time to take a rest.

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2. Use mascara with repairing ingredients and upper lashes base

Eyelashes are actually like hair, and they are covered with scales. If we use mascara frequently, the mascara’s stain may increase the burden on the eyelashes. For maintain our eyelashes, you can use repair essence before apply mascara to help fill the gap between the scales and reduce the damage caused by mascara to our eyelashes.

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3. Use eye makeup remover

Many girls do not specifically separate makeup products for eye makeup and face makeup, but this is actually a very bad habit. Because the skin around our eyes is younger and more fragile than the skin around the face, excessive pulling and vigorous rubbing of the eye area will damage the eyelashes and increase fine lines around the eyes. So, when we need to remove the makeup on eyes, add eye makeup remover on the cotton pad and cover it on eye for about one minute to dissolve the makeup product. Then, gently wipe it from the top to the bottom of the eyes.

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4. Regularly clean the eyelash curler

Don’t despise this step! The eyelash curler is repeatedly used every day, but it can be contaminated with mascara, and it can be stained with a lot of oil and bacteria secreted by the eye! Because the mascara and the grease on the clip will increase the friction between the eyelashes and the eyelash curler, eyelashes will be damaged easily under this situation! And regular cleaning and replacement of the rubber pad can also make the eyelash curler more durable for creating more curly eyelashes.




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